Related services

Furniture assembling and transportation

Do you need furniture assembling services, loading/unloading services or transportation services only? Our team of professionals is at your disposal so that you have time for other more important things.

Maintenance services

Our relocation team can assist you with any maintenance service you required in the house, whether you need to install a sink mixer or a lamp/chandelier, or you need to fix a door/window, call on our services with confidence.

Cleaning services

As we wish to anticipate our clients' demands we offer cleaning services for companies and for individuals, both at the current location and at the new location. The services we provide are:

  • General or maintenance cleaning for OFFICES
  • General or maintenance cleaning on a monthly basis for HOMES
  • Cleaning after parties, fairs, events
  • Moquette and chair washing and maintenance
  • Cleaning after constructor
  • Disinfestation, disinfection and pest control services.

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